The Quality of Life index

To measure quality of life in the GCR, we combined both subjective and objective variables into 10 ‘dimensions’ of quality of life.

 Measuring quality of life has policy significance.

  • QoL analysis segments the population into cohorts of people doing more or less well, and points as to why this is the case (within the limitations of the variables we are using).
  • It should help inform the targeting strategy of government (in all spheres) if we find that this or that municipality etc. is lacking in service delivery.
  • The needy may require urgent government assistance, but city-regions need to look after the drivers of wealth, culture, growth, rights and civil society as well since they remain critical. 

Looking after those in need has to occur alongside creating the conditions for equitable growth and development, not at the expense of it. To make things more complex, this balancing act has to occur in a context of redistribution, attacking inequality, and lowering poverty levels.